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MPISCC _ August Luncheon DIY Distruption`

  • UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center 425 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, Ca 90095 (map)
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Join us for our August Educational Luncheon Program:

Innovation is the Difference Between 

Why didn’t I think of that? and Why didn’t I think LIKE that?

As many of your corporate and association clients scurry in pursuit of “big I” Innovation – exponential technologies, cultures of innovation, and the like - Sekou teaches leaders to view change through the “little i’s” of an innovator, by innovating and disrupting yourself from within. Offering fresh perspectives on embracing failure and keeping pace with change, Sekou not only speaks to the impact of disruption on an industry, he embodies it!  Sekou will offer incredibly fresh perspectives on innovative leadership, bold thinking and anticipating disruption, often through the diverse voices of consumers, technology, millennials, and more!  

This keynote will leave you with insight, takeaways and inspiration for not only your own meeting and hospitality industries, but also ways you can help your clients in every industry internalize their approach to innovation. Prepare for an unexpected and unconventional keynote experience that will help you catch disruption’s rhythm, shift your creative thinking, and leave you wanting more. "Disruption is not just a concept, it’s a feeling … it's a mindset.”



Simple ways to adopt an innovation mindset despite your industry, culture or position

Three to five innovation tools that every D.i.Y. innovator must master

How to shift a stagnant culture through creative thinking and purpose-driven innovation

Proven techniques for training yourself to turn disaster into delight

How to shift your relationship to risk in order to free yourself from the fear of failure


This educational presentation will earn you 1 CE credit.