Web Design

Technology changes rapidly and your website needs to support those changes. We're passionate about creative entrepeneurs and their businesses.  Our sites are modern, uncomplicated and effective. We are Squarespace Specialists, which means your site is responsive, viewable on all mobile devices, filled with stunning images, and great SEO. If you prefer a Wordpress site, we have you covered, for a higher fee.


Brand Image Development

We design the brand elements that get you looking and feeling good about what you sell and do.  Through graphic design expertise, we create a comprehensive brand identity that gives your company a professional and polished image, and visually projects the story of you and what you do.

Social Media

Social Media happens fast. You need to post often, on schedule, and you must be mindful of your brand. We manage your social media through a targeted approach to keep them your followers engaged and loyal, and ultimately you want to grow your following. Rest assured, while you’re creating magic, we’re spreading the news for you!


Guest Blogging

As a creative, you’re busy! You spend your days meeting with your clients and providing them with your products and/or services. It’s easy to let blogging opportunities pass you by. By blogging current and relevant information, you’re educating your customers and the industry about what you do. Let us ensure that your blog posts are putting you ahead of the competition in online searches. We know the strategies and can provide results. 3 Wishes PR can help you with blogging, content and posting. We work with you to share your news.

Email Marketing

The use of email marketing maintains awareness of your message and product. Always stay at the front of your client’s mind by informing them about new products and noteworthy stories.

Online PR

Did you just finish an amazing event, sponsorship, photo shoot? Perhaps you’ve launched a new product or service. Rely on 3 Wishes PR to develop a Press Release and monitor send outs to the proper outlets.

Content Curation

Writing does not come easily to everyone. We assist you in creating amazing content and help to write your unique story. With each event you do, every picture you share, each new product you develop, we archive and curate all the data for sharing and showcasing. We care deeply about your work, and want everyone to know how amazing you are by sharing your story in compelling ways.