Your Contract - Stick To Your Guns


It's a new year and that means engagement season. Let the fun begin right? Fun aside I'm hearing many creative business owners complaining about couples that are questioning their contracts, trying to change their contracts, and some being down right nasty about the terms of their contracts.

Let me be very clear here creatives. This is your business and you make the rules for it. If the terms of your contract aren't in line with your potential client, that client is not for you. That is hard to hear I know. I've been there. When I first started out as a planner it was hard to turn away business. After the first or second time caving in to a client to keep their business, I learned that these were always the problem clients. Lesson learned and never repeated. Once I dictated the rules of my business practices, I began attracting the type of client I wanted.

Your deposit shouldn't be negotiated. It's what reserves the desired date of service. Speaking of, what is the verbage in your contract regarding deposit. Does it say "deposit". It should say "Non-Refundable Booking Fee". Why? Because if a bride or groom cancels your contract for any reason, you can't recuperate the loss of other work you've turned away for that date. You have the right to return a portion of that deposit should the situation feel right to you.

I can't stress enough to you that your business is your livelihood. Clients who are interested in hiring you must respect that you're running a business and not a hobby. It's the duty of all wedding and event professionals to start educating couples about how the business of weddings works, and not the other way around. If you're in need of business coaching on your contract or other aspects of your creative business, we're always here for you.

Happy Wedding Season!