The 3 Wishes PR Rebranding Story

Owning and running a business can be daunting. With all of the rewards of helping others to cultivate and grow their businesses, it's easy to neglect the branding of your own. Such was the case with the branding for 3 Wishes PR. While I loved my logo it was time for a refresh. But why you may ask, the logo was perfectly fine. It was very similar in shape to my Wedding Jeannie logo. The slight nod to a Jeannie bottle made it a bit cheeky. So why did I make the change? Our goals for 2018 are to expand our services, and one of those is to include branding for our clients. And what better way than to stand behind what we do, than to be our own first client. After all you can't expect others to trust your process, if you can't trust and stand behind it yourself.

Many of you may know that my daughter Erica is my creative director, and principal graphic designer. Almost 30 now, she has worked with me since she was 10 years old. From assisting with design for events, to working in set-ups, she's also worked in catering. But most exciting for me is that she loves Marketing and PR as much as I do. She is a constant source of support, but more importantly keeping 3 Wishes PR fresh and forward thinking. As we began implementing the new direction our company would go in, branding was an essential component. We fleshed out ideas and as with any partners, it wasn't easy. My biggest hurdle was my logo. I desperately wanted to keep that "familiar" thing that has defined my personal brand. The main visual I was able to share with Erica was a watercolor bleed and the color blue. From there, she took those ideas and used the bleed and a paint stroke to express creativity and promise. The paint brush emerged as the main logo, however I couldn't let go of that shape that I loved so much. My bottle...that feminine silhouette that speaks to me. After much debate, Erica was able to merge the watercolor effect and my shape. It won't be the primary logo, but will serve as our secondary logo to be used in our email signatures and on the landing page of our website.

Facebook Banner 3 Wishes.png


Now I'm going to turn this blog post over to Erica, to explain the process of creating and implementing our new brand. Before doing so, I must say thank you Erica for fully understanding who I am, what I do, who my clients are, what are goals are, and how the branding ties it all together.

ERICA: Jeannie wanted a fresh face for 3 Wishes PR. This meant bright, clean colors, an elegant font, and a trendy watercolor style. The biggest hurdle was giving her existing logo new life, while keeping it on point with the new brand. While she was initially resistant to changing her logo, we compromised by using her signature Wedding Jeannie shape as a secondary logo. The logo process was very tough. I went through about 30-40 designs and variations. She liked the watercolor silhouette with a cursive text on top.

The rebranding also extended to social media icons and business cards. The latter is often the first impression a potential client will have of your business, so this was particularly important. This was a fun and creative project that I enjoyed. Its good to have a card that doesn't overload the client with information but presents it in a clear and concise way. This was also an opportunity to bring some unique design choices that represented the modern style of the new site.


Social Media icons were made to match the new logo and colors. The Social Scene was given a face lift with fun calendar tiles to make finding events easy. The new blue color is a lighter and fresher option than the teal of the old logo. And a fun, hand-written cursive was chosen for the calendar.

So there you have it! It's our story and we're sticking to it. If you're reading our very own rebranding story, that means you're on the new website. We're super excited it's live and in all it's glory. Look around and see what we have to offer. And if you're ready for your rebrand, we're ready to provide you with a visually stunning branding kit of your own.

One more thing.....stay up do date with all your networking and educational opportunities by bookmarking The Social Scene. If you want to share your event with the community, contact Erica at with all the details.

Jeannie Signature.png

Thanks for reading our branding adventure. Now let's begin yours!