SiteSee Downtown San Diego with Exquisite Weddings Magazine


There are many beautiful cities in Southern California, but arguably one the best is San Diego. We love the city for her close proximity to Los Angeles, her miles and miles of stunning coastline, and her vibrant downtown city life.

For those of us in the wedding industry we have another reason to love it. It’s one of the most sought after destinations for weddings and event. Exquisite Weddings Magazine is San Diego’s premiere publication for couples searching for venues, vendors, and all that San Diego has to offer for a wedding. After the success of the 2018 SiteSee Tour, we teamed up with Alexis Sanabria on SiteSee 2019. Many of our friends from Los Angeles and Orange County joined in on the fun. Wedding Planners toured three luxury properties and enjoyed their hospitality and services. How did they get around the city? On a fabulous trolly of course.

Participating Sponsors:

 SiteSee is a unique opportunity for venues and wedding vendors to meet in an interactive and social setting to showcase their properties and services. For the planners attending it’s a chance to visit three to four new venues in one day, and walk away knowing the ins and outs of each property, as well as having a meaningful connection with the catering managers. Each planner walks away with the confidence in knowing that if called upon by a client to plan at one of these properties, they are armed with information and connections. As if that wasn’t enough, the magazine’s advertisers join in the fun as well.

The creation of SiteSee and the time and talents put into it by Alexis Sanabria and her team, as well as every single sponsor is one of the most brilliant ways to promote their advertisers. By bringing planners directly to their properties and introducing them to local vendors, everyone wins. We love this genuine way of bringing everyone together to learn about their products and services.