Is Blogging Still Relevant for The Wedding Industry?


There’s a lot of chatter out there in the wedding industry about whether or not blogging is still a thing. Many wedding professionals have abandoned blogging in exchange for using Instagram to get noticed. We say DO BOTH!

Blogging regularly gives potential clients an up to date impression of what you do, how you do it, and why you should be trusted to do it for them.

If you’ve stopped blogging and see a drop in inbound links, get back to blogging. The more you blog, the more inbound links your website will receive. Once on your page potential couples will click through to your main page and look around to see if your work, style, and message is right for them.

The more often you blog, the more your SEO will improve.

I can already hear what you’re saying. I don’t have time to blog. Take the time to invest in this valuable business tool by creating a blogging content calendar. A calendar will keep you focused and save you time when you’re completing this task. Pick one day and time each week that you’ll devote to blogging. You and I both know that you love to talk about weddings all day. Take that experience and energy and write about it. Keep your content short (saves time) but impactful by using keywords that couples use in their searches while planning. It’s a visual world so use great images to keep them engaged…and ONLY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS will do.

Don’t forget to assign a name to every single photo because that’s part of SEO. And follow that up by describing your photos in the Alternative Text section for each image.

Do the work and watch your SEO grow. If you love the positive effects of blogging but don’t have the time to do it, turn to us. With 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, we have the expertise to talk about your business to your audience.

Happy Blogging!