Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Marketing Firm

Marketing is no joke. The reputation of your business is serious stuff and we never take it lightly. We know it's not easy to turn over your brand and image to someone else. Because let's be honest, who knows your business better than you? We get that, and it's why we have invested time, and training to get you noticed while you're running your creative business. We also know that there are always new marketing firms popping up that are competing for your business. That's why it's more important than ever to ask the proper questions of the company who holds your image in their hands.

They Know Instagram. Isn't That Good Enough?

Social Media is much more than knowing how to post an Instagram photo. Your image deserves more. We'd love to be your marketing partner and we're confident our qualifications are up to the challenge. Before you hire us or any other PR & Marketing firm ask these questions:

What Social Media Management System Are They Using?: A professional will use at least one, and often more than one system to manage the social media of their clients. Managing multiple clients requires these tools for success. If they tell you they're posting directly from your accounts that's not a professional. Strike One!

What Analytics Tools Are They Using to Track Your Metrics?: Your marketing team should use at least one analytics system to track the progress of your accounts. Why do I need that you ask? Tracking your metrics shows your marketing company what works and what doesn't, and allows your team to focus on real results.

Can They Guarantee QUALITY Instagram Growth?: What's the point of sharing your work on Instagram? It's not for fun (although sometimes it can be), it's for getting your work noticed. Your marketing partner should be able to guarantee targeted followers that are organic and relevant to your industry. Anyone could buy followers but we help you grow your following with potential clients.

What Website and Blog Platforms Do They Use?: Many clients want their marketing team to be their Blogging "Ghost". In order to blog for clients, your marketing company should know the most popular websites in use today, how to use their interfaces, how to write an engaging blog post, and be able use the most up to date SEO strategies.

What Graphic Design Software Do They Use?: Your images will require resizing, editing, and much more prior to being used in your marketing efforts. The team who represents you should be well versed in the programs used to optimize your images.

What Email Marketing Platforms Do They Use?: There are many email marketing programs in the marketplace, and your marketing team should know them all. Not all are created equal, and each one has unique attributes.


It takes decades to learn the tools of the trade of marketing and how to successfully represent the brand image of others' companies. Before you trust anyone with your brand make sure they are experienced, professional, and qualified.

We would love to be your partner in marketing. We love what we do, we're more than qualified, and we want to help your grow your image the digital world.